Sushi Yasuda

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Sushi Yasuda
In light of the ongoing tragedies in Japan, many of you have asked if our friends and family, as well as Yasuda himself, are all right. Thankfully, all those connected to the Sushi Yasuda family are safe and sound. To help with the relief efforts, we have been donating directly to the Red Cross and other organizations.

Sushi Yasuda
With growing concern over fish and other food that comes from Japan, we want to reassure you of the following:

• The vast majority of our fish and other food comes from all over the world. The small percentage of fish that comes to us from Japan (all of which emanates from the Kyushu Islands in the south) is being tested by the FDA—first at JFK, the port of entry—and then at our distributors’ facilities. So far, all of the fish destined for Sushi Yasuda has been pristine.

• To add another layer of protection and oversight, we are rigorously testing all of the fish that comes to Sushi Yasuda—no matter where it has originated from—using a highly sensitive radiation monitor/detector. We are also testing all other food products that we procure from Japan. Thus far, everything has been immaculate.

"'We want to make sure there is no exposure.'"
– Scott Rosenberg of Sushi Yasuda quoted in The New York Times, “Screening the Day’s Catch,”
by William Neuman and Florence Fabricant, April 6, 2011

Please rest assured that your sushi is not only delicious, but safe as well. We are seeing to it directly.

Sushi Yasuda
Thank you for your generous outpouring of concern and encouragement. Your wishes and prayers have meant so much to us.

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