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Sushi Yasuda is pleased to announce that Tetsuaki Otomo – known as Tomo – has taken over as the master sushi chef at Sushi Yasuda. Tomo trained under co-founder Naomichi Yasuda and Yasuda’s successor, Mitsuru Tamura. Tomo has been with Sushi Yasuda since 2009.

Tomo's approach to sushi is firmly anchored in Sushi Yasuda's long-standing tradition of presenting classical omakase. Unlike sushi bars where omakase is a prix fixe meal, Sushi Yasuda’s omakase features a sequence of sushi tailored to each diner's individual tastes as well as the sushi chef’s sense of an ideal meal based on the many varieties of fish and other ingredients at hand. And, as established by Yasuda in 1999, Tomo is also dedicated to working with a wide-range of fish sourced from all over the world, including local and regional fish as well as fish from Japan.

Sushi Yasuda offers its best wishes to Mitsuru.

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