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From 1999 to 2021, Sushi Yasuda designed – and fabricated by hand – an original origami model to celebrate our annual anniversary. The sushi-related themes have ranged from a sea bream to an octopus to a sushi chef’s knife.
Each origami kit includes the completed model, detailed instructions and ten sheets of the associated Japanese origami
paper (6" x 6”).

Each kit costs $10. To purchase a Sushi Yasuda origami kit, please email us with your request at

Origami Fish

Fish, 2000

Origami Crab

Crab, 2001

Origami Shrimp

Shrimp, 2002

Origami Shrimp

Scallop, 2003

Origami Tsubugai

Tsubugai, 2004

Origami Eel

Eel, 2005

Origami Blowfish

Blowfish, 2006

Origami Boat

Boat, 2007

Origami Urchin

Sea Urchin, 2008

Origami Seabream

Sea Bream, 2009

Origami Ika

Squid, 2010

Origami fluke

Fluke, 2011

Origami Nori

Nori (Seaweed), 2012

Origami Tako

Tako (Octopus), 2013

Origami Sayori

Sayori (Halfbeak), 2014

Origami Hakui

Hakui (Sushi Chef Uniform), 2015

Origami Tobiuo

Tobiuo (Flying Fish), 2016

Origami Daikon

Daikon (Giant White Radish), 2017

Origami Shamoji

Shamoji (Rice Paddle), 2018

Origami Yanagi Bocho

Yanagi Bocho (Sushi Chef's Knife), 2019

Origami Heart

Heart, 2020

Logo T-shirt

100% cotton white T-shirt with silk-screened logo in black on front and "Sushi Yasuda" in red on back.

T-shirts cost $25. To purchase a Sushi Yasuda T-shirt, please email us with your size request at
Limited sizes available.

white logo t-shirt
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